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Account auto-locking problem on PC installed with Windows 7 Enterprise

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Got account auto-locking problem for a few months and finally got potential cause from this discussion thread:

After cleaning the stored Windows Credential in my laptop earlier today, I’m still curious to see what will happen in next few days. It should be OK now. 🙂


 Re: Hidden logged on user (frequently locked out administrator account)

Originally Posted by lzd212 View Post
Hi, I did it already and found lots of failure authentication (mostly Administrator account) from some computers and Servers also, then auditing those computers for any tasks or services or stored credential configured using Administrator account and got nothing. Did I missed anything? or could someone please assist on how to debug this issue?

Please advice.



You may have a stored password on a workstation. Go into CP/User Accounts on the suspect workstation, Advanced Tab and remove any stored UN/PWs there. This area doesn;t get updated when you change passwords – until you store it again.
Let me know if that helps.


Steven Teiger [SBS-MVP(2003-2009)]

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纪念我加入的第一家公司–纳维昂软件(Navion Software)

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Google ‘Navion Software’,基本上已经了无痕了。。。

Google 上海纳维昂软件,还能找到一些公司介绍和一些论坛上的议论;稍感欣慰,但仍然没有找到失落的那条Principle。

无意中通过Google找到了上海纳维昂软件前任CEO的介绍 — Cyril Leung

从而找回了Navion Software的六条准则 Principles

Associates are the Company

( P.S. above is the missing one)

Take Pride in All We Do

Team Comes First

Respect Individual

Delight Customer

Enjoy the Journey


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ifttt : will it be next Google/Twitter/Facebook?

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If this then that!


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Posted on 2010年12月21日. Filed under: Computers and Internet, Entertainment, 计算机与 Internet, Hobbies, 娱乐, 游戏 |

10月份给领导买了个SonyEricsson X10 mini,国内又叫E10i。买的时候还是用Android 1.6。 上个月刚更新到Android 2.1,貌似最近又出了个补丁更新。




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PMI Updated PDU Categories

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CCR PDU Categories are being updated
  Dear PMI Credential Holders:

PMI has an exciting update for you regarding improvements to the PDU structure within the Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) Program.

Since research has shown that people did not fully understand the PDU categories and how to appropriately report their PDUs using that structure, we are pleased to let you know that your feedback has prompted PMI to make the PDU categories more user-friendly. Below is a snapshot of the collective positive response from credential holders to the formal study that proposed the new CCR PDU categories:

  • 82% were satisfied or very satisfied with the proposed new categories
  • 76% thought it would be much better or somewhat better than the current categories

What Are The Changes To The Program?

Key changes to the program include:

  • Simplification to the CCR category structure, reducing the number of categories from 18 to 6.
  • Ensuring that all categories use the rule that one hour of learning activity is equivalent to one PDU.
  • Expanding the categories to include Web 2.0 learning opportunities.
  • Adding limits on certain categories to require that all credential holders pursue project management continuing education as part of maintaining their credential.

It is also important to note what is not changing in the program:

  • The three-year renewal cycle and number of PDUs required to maintain the credential will remain the same.
  • The re-certification fee structure will remain the same.

How Does This Affect Me and What Do I Need to Do?

  • The PDU updated category structure implementation begins on 1 March 2011.
  • Between now and 1 March 2011, PMI is requesting that credential holders register their existing PDUs in the CCR system under the current PDU categories. After 1 March 2011, credential holders will need to report PDUs using the new categories.
  • Please note that you will not lose any PDUs during this transition.

Please take a moment to go to the CCR Category Update page on and read through the FAQs and the New PDU Category Structure and Policies document to learn about the new PDU categories and for more detailed information about this update.

If you have questions about this change, please contact PMI Customer Care.

Best regards,

Brian A. Weiss, MBA
Vice President, Product Management


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CMMI v1.3 released formally on Nov 1, 2010

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Some significant improvements you can expect in CMMI-DEV, V1.3 include the following:

  • High maturity process areas are significantly improved to reflect industry best practices, including a new specific goal and several new specific practices in the process area that was renamed from Organizational Innovation and Deployment (OID) to Organizational Performance Management (OPM).

  • Improvements were made to the model architecture that simplify the use of multiple models.

  • Informative material was improved, including revising the engineering practices to reflect industry best practice and adding guidance for organizations that use Agile methods.

  • Glossary definitions and model terminology were improved to enhance the clarity, accuracy, and usability of the model.

  • Level 4 and 5 generic goals and practices were eliminated as well as capability levels 4 and 5 to appropriately focus high maturity on the achievement of business objectives, which is accomplished by applying capability level 1-3 to the high maturity process areas (Causal Analysis and Resolution, Quantitative Project Management, Organizational Performance Management, and Organizational Process Performance).

For a more complete and detailed list of improvements, see

CMMI v1.3 Formal Release can be accessed from CMU SEI  Official website.

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MSN IQ Test Virus Alert

Posted on 2010年08月20日. Filed under: Computers and Internet |

I received similar challenges asking me to take an IQ test from two different MSN contacts these two days. I’m lucky not clicking any URL they send me and the virus is really an intelligent one.
Check out my dialogue with the virus below:


Hey r you there?

Smart Sting said:


Yes. I’m here. How are you today?



i just took an IQ quiz

good, you?

Smart Sting said:

IQ quiz?

hehe interesting



I was smarter than I am! I scored 110

Smart Sting said:

I’m good. Just started working after an early concall




you gotta see if you can do better than me, http://iqscoretestxxxxxxla967ac

Smart Sting said:




i bet you cant lol

Smart Sting said:

interesting, I received another URL from another friend

I seriously doubt if you are a robot



take it now while Im in the shower and tell me ur score later

im not a bot silly, its me

Smart Sting said:

and trying to spread out some kind of new virus




lol no its me

Smart Sting said:


I believe it’s not you


Especially this word looks kind of familiar to me " take it now while Im in the shower and tell me ur score later"




are you kidding? its me and not some bot, stop this

Smart Sting said:

Confess you are a robot

I’ll not kill you

I’ll just kick you out of my contact list


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Posted on 2010年05月20日. Filed under: Computers and Internet |

Happy Birthday to Nanjing University!
108 Years…
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Looking for Senior Configuration Management Engineer/招高级配置管理工程师

Posted on 2010年04月8日. Filed under: Computers and Internet |

Job Type: Regular
Location: China, Shanghai
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FPGA Developer for Finiancial project

Posted on 2010年03月26日. Filed under: Computers and Internet |

Position Type: regular
Work location: Shanghai, China

TITLE:                    FPGA Developer for financial project    




To develop and maintain a trading message translation and distribution system using FPGA programming language. Optimize the program to meet the demanding performance requirements.





1.    CAPS Program Upgrade and Maintenance


  • Responsible for the overall quality of the self-produced software and documentation. This includes:
    I. Meeting the approved requirements,
    II. Following the design and coding standards,
    III. Adequate unit test-coverage,
    IV. Use of interfaces with other Software parts and possibly Hardware.
  • Responsible for creating software in conformity to specifications (requirement, design, and test) that satisfy quality standards.
  • Performance tuning
  • Update documentation (requirement, design, and test)/ create new documentation under guidance.
  • As reviewer jointly responsible for authorized documents and code.
  • Participate in Software architecture and design discussions / reviews (resulting in a Design Specification)
  • Make design specification for modules of simple or medium complexity
  • Status reporting on activities undertaken to team leads or managers.
  • Communicate with customer regarding technical issues
  • Give estimation on the module or piece he / she is responsible for


2.    Others


·         .N/A






1)    Competencies: Skills, Knowledge, Abilities


Functional Competencies:

l  Rich experiences on FPGA (VHDL is preferable) programming

l  Moderate experiences on C programming on Linux/Unix platform.

l  Has performance tuning and detailed design skill

l  Has awareness of software development lifecycle

l  Has awareness of software quality

l  Has strong skills of debugging and bug fixing (gcc)


Interpersonal Competencies:

  • Very good communication (oral & written) and positive attitude.

·         Work to project schedules and estimate/manage own time accurately and effectively.

·         Actively seek out feedback from manager and peers; improve own performance based on that feedback

·         Anticipate potential problems and offer solutions.


Leadership Competencies:

·         Demonstrate willingness to teach and contribute to the team.

·         Able to persuade/influence team members, sell ideas effectively, get results and follow through.

  • Demonstrate a high level of integrity, maturity, and a constructive approach to challenges.
  • Operate independently with some direction and advice from your manager; bring ideas and solutions to issues raised.



2)    Minimum Educational Level:

·         Bachelor’s degree, preferably in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering



3)    Physical Requirements:

·         Will be on-call for escalated issues related to the projects/software owned by this team


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